Breast Reconstruction: Myths vs. Facts

The decision to have or not have breast reconstruction is an extremely personal choice. There are several types of breast reconstruction options for women who have undergone mastectomy or lumpectomy, such as breast implants, autologous or flap surgery, or a combination of the two. Breast reconstruction surgery offers breast cancer patients who have undergone mastectomies the opportunity to rebuild their breasts and once again feel like themselves. Palm Aesthetics suggests you give yourself plenty of time to gather more information to help make the best decision for your breast reconstruction.

There are several myths and inaccurate information surrounding breast reconstruction surgery despite availability of materials online. Take time to read and get informed about facts and myths regarding breast reconstruction this October in time for Breast Cancer Awareness Month and Breast Reconstruction Day (October 19).

Breast Reconstruction: Myths vs. Facts

Myth #1: Breast implants increase the chance of breast cancer recurrence.

Fact #1: Breast Reconstruction has not shown to increase the likelihood of recurrence, and cancer screenings can still occur.

Myth #2:  The only option for Breast Reconstruction are breast implants.

Fact #2: Autologous/Flap Surgery is an alternative to breast implants and uses your own tissue transplanted from another part of your body.

Myth #3: Breast reconstruction has to occur right after the mastectomy.

Fact #3: Breast Reconstruction can occur at the same time, or months or even years after the mastectomy has taken place.

Myth #4: My reconstructed breast will have no feeling or sensation.

Fact #4: Flap Surgery utilizes your own tissue, increasing the chance of having feeling or sensation.

Myth #5: Breast Reconstruction is not an option for women who have radiation in their treatment.

Fact #5: Flap Surgery is recommended for women who have radiation in their treatment.

Myth #6: Reconstructed breasts don’t look or feel natural.

Fact #6: Flap Surgery uses your own tissue to give the breast a natural look and feel.

Myth #7: Breast Reconstruction is permanent and there can be no changes.

Fact #7:    If you are not happy with your results, additional procedures can be done to revise and achieve the look you want.

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