Male Plastic Surgeries

Statistics show an increasing number of men turning to male plastic surgeries to address concerns regarding their face and body for a more youthful, refreshed and masculine look, as well as to stay competitive in the job market. Plastic surgery, laser treatments and non-surgical procedures can achieve these goals. Male plastic surgeries are proven safe and effective. At Palm Aesthetics Plastic Surgery Center in Lakewood Ranch, Florida, our highly trained and experienced plastic surgery team offers a range of procedures for men that are designed to help tone, tighten and sculpt targeted areas of the face and body for a more masculine appearance.

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Male Procedures

Chin & Jaw Augmentation

Chin & Jaw Augmentation help refine the jawline and chin for a more chiseled features and strengthen the look of receding chin and weak jawline.

Facial Rejuvenation

Facial Rejuvenation treatments (surgical and non-surgical) eliminate signs of aging and stress, restoring the appearance of masculinity and youth.

Hair Transplant

Hair Transplant offers is a minimally invasive and permanent hair loss solution for men, helping regain their confidence back with natural-looking results.


There are more men undergoing Liposuction to rid of stubborn fat from the face and body that are proven resistant to rigorous diet and exercise.

Male Breast Reduction

Male Breast Reduction is performed for gynecomastia, a common disorder in men marked by overdeveloped breast tissues due to hormonal imbalance.

Post-Weight Loss Surgery

Post-Weight Loss Surgery eliminates flabby or loose skin left by dramatic weight loss and tightens and tones what’s left, revealing a more slender physique.

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