Damage from sun exposure and environmental pollutants start to show on our skin as we age, causing wrinkles creating wrinkles and pigmentation on our face. Facial TRL (Tunable Restructuring Laser) by Sciton© laser peel is ideal for correcting skin aging and eliminating skin problems. Palm Aesthetics is excited to offer patients skin resurfacing treatment using Facial TRL, which is widely regarded as the safest, most effective skin laser. With minimal downtime, Facial TRL treatment depth can be customized based on your skin condition. Palm Aesthetics Plastic Surgery Center in Lakewood Ranch provides Facial TRL treatment to help patients eliminate skin irregularities, such as deep wrinkles, solar spots.

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Facial TRL

Micron Precision Skin Treatment

Facial TRL treats skin tissues with micron precision. You skin will be assessed for the exact resurfacing depth and the amount of energy needed to stimulate re-growth of collagen, which improves the skin’s suppleness, thickness and resilience. Facial TRL gently peels the outermost layers of the skin, revealing rejuvenated appearance. For shallow resurfacing depths, application of topical anaesthetics is sufficient for patients to tolerate the laser peeling. For deeper resurfacing treatments, both topical and local anesthetics are required. Many of our patients also choose to undergo Facial TRL with sedation anesthesia for a more comfortable experience.

Benefits of Facial TRL

  • Customizable resurfacing depth to accurately address your skin condition
  • Visibly reduces the signs of aging, including wrinkles, creases, or fine lines on the face
  • Reduces appearance of scars from acne or trauma
  • Reduces skin pigmentation and blemishes

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